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Ventilators and Visco-clutches

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 The Vemo Fans and Fan-couplers
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VEMO Ventilators

The useful parts to the engine cooling like ventilators and moto-fans are directly exposed to the slightest shocks. Often behind the car radiator grill, they do not resist to the small road hooking.

The Visco-couplers – small clutches operating the fan – are often failing in reference to a pronounced wear (bottling), an inactivity period (like winter) or in reference to intensive use (for example after a long high speed journey).

For these visco-couplers like for all kind of fans, VEMO has the right solution.

A wide range responds to the customers needing. Very low prices and adapted stock are big arguments for quick and economic repair.

As those parts are very expensive from the OE-manufacturer – Winterhoff recommands to use VEMO products for the cooling of your engine!

Command the catalogue Electricity VEMO. You will find inside not only fans and visco-couplers but also probes, sensors, thermocontacts, thermostats – and a lot of other quality parts!

Ask the sales representative for France, Africa and Dom-Tom's Winterhoff for the identification of the spare part for your customer's car.

Or command - by Winterhoff too - a readable and simple documentation by clicking on Download (download the formulary for VEMO documentation). Fill it and made it arrive to us by fax, courier or by mail with scanning it.

VEMO – the wholesaler partner – has got the part you need!

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Quality parts
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Vemo Moto-fan

You'll like the price -:)
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