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Electric and Immersed Fuel Pumps

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 The Vemo Fuel Pumps

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VEMO - Fuel Pumps and Ignition Parts

Immersed in the tank the fuel pumps becomes failing when vehicle's aging but could very rapidly be  destroyed  when fuel quality isn't perfect.

The only way to effectively protect the whole fuel alimentation circuit is to make sure that the fuel put into the tank is clean and exempt of water. In Europe, the fuel is of general, good quality. But as soon as you're travelling to other countries, it's nevertheless frequent to find medium or bad fuel quality. This affects the injection pump first but also the fuel pumps.

VEMO replies to this replacement need by with a wide range of electric and immersed fuel pumps. The replacement costs of such a pump can be high when you replace it by the car manufacturer...

VEMO has the economic solution to replace the fuel pump without removing the quality of the first original car equipement.

Ask Winterhoff for possible supplementary technical information or for the identification of the right part.

You can also could click on the shown picture (above on the right) and you'll directly move into the Download section in order to get the formulary to the require of VEMO specific documentation.

Make the right choice - buy Vemo Fuel Pumps !
Immersed fuel pump for Volkswagen / Audi / Seat and Skoda-vehicles

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