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Commodos, Indicators and Switches

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 The Vemo Commodos, Indicators and Switches

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Airflow meters from VEMO

For nice margins sell high value parts almost without competition: the Vemo headlight switches, indicators, commodos and control-units as well as driving mirror and window lifter buttons.

Vemo stands there as a leader again. In a complete catalogue, you'll find a very big range and high quality control-units, switches, indicators as well as complete commodos for your car, light commercial or truck. Easily and quickly.

The price has nothing to do with the OE price.

You certainly find what you are looking for...

...there is margin to make for your company - welcome in quite difficult times!

The Vemo control-units, commdos, switches, indicators and window lifters for german and european cars – a real solution and alternative to the expensive OE products.

Send a mail with your customer's vehicle datas - the chassis number - to Winterhoff.

VEMO offers you a very wide range of switches, control units, indicators, electrical and manual window lifters as well as all kinds of electrical automotive parts.

Ask Winterhoff for possible supplementary information by phone, mail or fax.

Phone: 0033 559 810 820
Fax: 0033 559 810 812

High Quality parts
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Window lifter button and Light switch

for Audi vehicles
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Commodo - Lighting and indication switch

for Mercedes!
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Buttons for electrical windows and switches

also for Opel...
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Winterhoff - the specialist for german car parts!

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