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Wheel Bearing Kits

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 The Optimal Wheel Bearing Kits

Optimal Wheel bearing kits

The wheel bearing is an essential element of all vehicles. It ensures the good rotation of the wheel and can integrate - thanks to new technologies - a multitude of functions.

Bearings of recent generation are able to measure the noise, the vibrations, the temperature and the rotation of the wheel and its environment.

Optimal follows closely the new processes and proposes more than 1000 different wheel bearing kits.

The Optimal wheel bearing kits are complete and contain all wearing parts which one needs to replace a bearing. That it is the joint-spie, the dust-coat, the pins, the nuts crenels and of tightening, spacers, circlipses and other screws - Optimal endeavours to deliver the kits the most complete possible in order to ensure a fast and economic repair.

Winterhoff is the officiel representative of Optimal KG Germany for almost 50 different countries like France, the African continent and some countries of the Middle-East area (like Dubai, Jordan, Syria, Saudi-Arabia etc.).

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