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Motor cap and hatch back door shock's

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 The Optimal Engine Hood Shocks and boot dampers

 Who doesn’t know that...

...opening the rear door - boom – head against metal. You'll be said you've gone too fast but (as you know) the problem isn't there.

The small rear door shock absorbers are tired, badly greased or simply failing.

Changing small shock absorbers, nothing simpler.

But as wholesaler you cannot have everything in stock.

You're understood, there're so many models... and moreover – this small shock absorber cost a lot.

Optimal has the complete range for the rear door as well as for the motor cap shock absorbers. You’ll find this range (and the Optimal shock absorber suspension range) in the brandnew shock absorber catalogue 2007.

The low prices... allow you to stock a few current references. If you want us to indicate you the fast moving items, of course we will do.

Foresee and remain sheltered from bad surprises... the Optimal sales representatives for France, Dom-Tom's and Middle East Winterhoff now!

You'll be surprised because prices, service and comprehensive business will be the basis of a long lasting business relation with Winterhoff!

Winterhoff has presented you Optimal !
Call Winterhoff on +33 559 810 820 or via mail at

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