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Crank Shaft Damper Pulleys

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 The Optimal Crank Shaft Pulleys

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Take quality Damper Poulies from Optimal !

Optimal Crank Shaft Damper Pulleys

The crankshaft Damper Pulleys are multi-throats pulleys coupled to electromagnetic clutches.

The damper pulley – called crankshaft pulley as well – is always at the exit of the force catch and thus generally directly on the crankshaft.

The word Damper pulley signifies shock absorber pulley – it absorbs the engine shocks and constraints.

The diesel cars couple increasing generation after generation (for example the hdi, dti and tdi diesel), the engine constraints oblige the crankshaft pulley to absorb shocks often and brutally. The frequent and brutal utilisation of the engine couple causes the early pulley failure.

In general, the pulley is made of metal on one side and rubber (damping) materiel on the other side. 

As the damping side – the rubber wearing – is always at the inside (plated against the crankshaft), the wear is difficultly detectable with the eye.

The driver remarks the Damper pulley wear by the vibrations at idle running.

The mechanic – couldn’t see the pulley wear – will interest himself firstly to the belt wear driving the pulley. Since the pulley wear involve the belt wear, it has to be replaced.

But several persons will notice the vibration remained and an anomaly quickly belt wear.

This problem becomes frequent by the arrival of hdi, dti and tdi engine, the pulley condition control becomes a (good) habit of the garages.

Since this crankshaft pulleys are very expensive and « generates » rapidly an interesting turnover, the manufacturers quickly multiply too.

Today, you'll find all imaginable and impossible prices on the spare parts market.

But, be careful!

To manufacture pulleys is simple, but to equilibrate a crankshaft pulley is not made easily – the balancing being the most important.

A badly equilibrate pulley uses the belt and unbalance the crankshaft involving – at least – the crankshaft flask failure.

The serious manufacturers possess a tool able to verify the balancing and in case to equilibrate by counterweights. Such a machine cost nearly 300.000 Euros. So it is financially interesting for the manufacturers to pay customers reclaims from time to time...

Optimal has chosen to remain by the side of quality manufacturers with a reasonable price.

Because we sign all our part with our name - Optimal.

Ask Winterhoff for the best price list and the vehicle application in order to increase your figure and margin by remaining on the safe side.

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