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 The Optimal brake discs and brake pads

Quality and high performance braking "by Optimal"

Optimal Brake Parts

For the braking too, you can put your confidence in Optimal.

The Optimal brake discs are made under strict security norms. The most important is the quality of the metal used. Optimal watches close over the fabrication process and continues looks for proposing a very attractive price for the whole Optimal brake disc program.

The particularity of the Optimal brake discs:

All the discs -without exception – are delivered equilibrated and treated with the cross surfaces treatment. This contributes strongly to the regular disc wear from the first braking on and helps to avoid the wheezing as well as the vibrations.

The brake pads – European fabrication- are made by a supplier of the first equipement for Optimal with the same raw material than those delivered  to the French and German great brands.

The brake cylinders, the brake hoses and the brake shoes are also in stock at Optimal in order to guarantee a complete delivery to the customers.

A documentation of nearly 1500 pages comes with the sale. In this catalogue, you'll find all the brake discs measures, the brake pads photos to the scale 1:1, the brake cylinders thus the brake hoses and the brake shoes. You'll also find all the OE and first equipment supplier references and the exact applications for all the Optimal brake parts.

The frequent questions concerning the Optimal braking

FAQ – questions that often comes back:

What are the causes of noises
(of the discs and the brake pads)

1) The Deformation of the discs

During braking, the heat increase is absorbed by the discs and the brake linings. This heat generates deformations of the discs creating vibrations during braking. These vibrations are transmitted to the clamp using the anti-noise steel plates (on the plates). This can be a reason of the noise in braking. The intensity (called dB) and the frequency (frequency hertz) are the parameters which define the sound level of brake.
Optimal treats all the brake disc by cross surface treatments – an expensive treatment avoiding the deformation of the discs in particular during the first braking.

2) The friction material

All the friction materials does not have the same performances as for the braking noise. Porous friction materials help to reduce the noise. The compressibility of the friction material (according to a certain measurement) is another important factor to reduce the risk of braking noise. To file the edges of the brake pads is a good means to reduce or avoid the noise with braking.

However, the brake pads from Optimal are tested on several occasions before marketing and do not need “to be improved” - they are ready to be employed.

3) Dirt in the brake caliper

The brake pads in the caliper must be free of movements. Dirt in the brake caliper increases the breaking noise (brake dust etc.).

4) The influence of the brake caliper

During the braking, vibrations inevitably occur. The calipers must be able to absorb these vibrations partly. Nevertheless, all the calipers do not have the same capacities of absorption. This is also related to the design of this one (fixed brake caliper, floating brake caliper etc).
5) The brake pads lining

The replacement of the brake pads requires a new adaptation of the linings to the surface of the old or used brake discs. It’s a source of vibrations that produces the brake vibration- particularly during the light braking (wheezing).

6) The form of the brake pads

The form of the lining is another possible source of vibrations. This is why all the car models don't have the same risk of braking noise. The form of the braking pads is an element which can involve noises as of the first braking (of a new car).

7) The weather conditions

The weather conditions can influence the braking noise. Humidity and temperature are parameters which can affect the support of the brake pad upon the brake disc producing too vibrations.

What does Optimal do to avoid the risk of noise from all the brake system?

The elements separately are not responsible of the braking noise.

Optimal brings a particular care to the two elements conception and process of manufacturing to avoid or reduce to the minimum the risk of braking noise.

Nobody can totally avoid the noise as the causes are numerous, but it’s true that with these actions the risk is reduced to a minimum.

1) The action developpement.

Noise tests are made to observe the increase of the braking noise in relation to the brake pressure, the temperature and rotation of the Optimal brake disc.

The acceptance or the reject of the friction materials according to the precise quality criterions constitute one of the raisons why the Optimal brake system does not make noise.

2) The optimal finished product

a) The anti-noise plate

The utilisation of rust-proof steel anti-noise plates of very high quality is the more efficient way to reduce or eliminate the braking noise. Optimal uses the newest anti-noise-brake plates.

The rust-proof steel anti-noise plates are makes of three components:

rubber, steel, the support plate.

The elements are fixed mechanically together - the quality of the brake pads Optimal must be without fault.

b) The anti-noise rubber coating

We use also a rubber powder resisting to very high temperatures conceived to isolate the brake pad, even at very high temperatures and resisting to the transmission of the brake caliper vibrations, to avoid the Optimal brake plates noise.

Optimal follows criteria of design of the origin to improve the connection between the disc and the brake pads.

Optimal guarantees silence - as far as it is possible for all kits of  brake pads and discs bought.

Do you wish to have a look to be convinced?

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Optimal, that are quality brake parts conceive to last!

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