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Hepu - German manufacturer of Waterpumps

Hepu - German manufacturer of Waterpumps

 The Hepu Automotive Waterpumps made in Germany

Hepu water pumps are made in Germany!

Hepu looks back to years of experience as a well-known German manufacturer of high quality water pumps for the automotive market.

Hepu water pumps are characterized by innovative engineering, a high degree of material expertise and excellent standards in quality. Hepu only uses high quality components and materials for the german production of waterpumps.

The pump housings consist almost exclusively of high quality cast aluminium. The precision process guarantees a high degree of dimensional accuracy. The German Hepu waterpumps fit always like OE-parts.

One of the most important components of a high quality water pump is its seal. Hepu uses superior sealing technology with carbon and ceramic rings, guaranteeing optimal leak tightness and longevity.

The massive units with ball and roller spindle bearings are designed by Hepu for the highest axial and radial stress, ensuring service-free use even while long-term operation at high rotation.

Flow-optimized and corrosion-resistant impellers offer maximum coolant flow and efficiency, guaranteeing optimal engine cooling.

Hepu water pumps are subject to strict quality controls all along the manufacturing process. Every Hepu water pumps pass a special pressure and leakage test. An operational QM system in accordance with TÜV cert DIN Iso 9001 is one of the guarantees for Hepu customers. Hepu waterpumps can be trusted.

Hepu waterpumps for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot and Renault: The strong new tdi, hdi, dti and dci - engines need the best cooling system possible. The belts, running over the waterpump, drive the pumps to very high rotations and the plastic impellers - used by the above mentionned OE-car-manufacturers - tend to be less robust and secure than metal impellers!

The experience shows, that plastic impellers fail quite often - even if they are used by OE!

We prefere to use only Hepu water pumps - made in Germany - with metal or laiton impellers (and not with cheap plastic).

You want to know more about the German Hepu quality waterpumps? Clic here:

HEPU® is a registered trade mark. We are representatives for France and for some Middle Eastern and African countries. Please contact Winterhoff to know if we are responsible for your market as well.

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